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SPORT’ASSIST is the result of a multidisciplinary project, started in 2011, which combined rugby and numerous fields of study (sport management & organization, accounting, business and administration) to help clients with a variety of business & administrative tasks.

Accompanying to the departure of foreign rugby players, the company wants to be for all public and not limited to being a professional sportsman.

As a result, many organizations have decided to offer their employees (and their family) a well-being and full development, and this as soon as they arrive. The request can also be made by the employee himself.

In the interest of confidentiality, the company undertakes to respect the identity and the request made, regardless of the type of the structure or even the personal situation.

With many experiences in the fields of administration, accounting and support in business creation (commercial & organizational strategy), Sport’Assist will be able to disclose its references only after a coherent study of your application. It should be noted that any sharing of information as an experiment will only take place after the person concerned has accepted.

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Administrative Support

Administrative Support

  • Integration / Compliance
  • Day to day assistance


  • Consulting : Business Strategy and Organization
  • Accounting Assistan